Theology Videos

Why you should study theology?

What does shooting a shotgun and salvation have in common?

Have you ever considered adoption and what God’s Word has to say about adoption?

Witnessing on the street in Sturgis, SD

The Inspiration of Scripture

Don’t be accused of waffle iron theology.

How many views of the atonement can be found in the Chronicles of Narnia?

What’s wrong with using water to explain the Trinity?

What can a chair teach you about the one true God?

What about those who never hear the Gospel (discussion starter)?

and my answer to what about those who never hear.


Psalm 139

Daniel 6

Judges 4-5

Daniel 3

Romans 8:12-17

Acts 4:5-22


Proverbs 7

Matthew 18:21-35

2 Corinthians 5:18-21


Nine Reasons I Don’t Like Multi-Site Churches, from a Guy Who Should

Neanderthals Chasing Bigfoot? The State of the Gender Debate in the Southern Baptist Convention

Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches

What Makes Baptism Valid?

The Proper Subject of Baptism


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