Revive This Nation Update from Tues. and Wed.

rtn-web-logoEvery year through Revive This Nation, God moves. Sometimes He moves in the heart of preacher preaching his first five sermons to call him to a lifetime of service. Sometimes, front lines pastors receive encouragement from a fired up student while imparting years of wisdom in that same young mind. Sometimes, people get saved, ask for repentance, marriages are restored, and lives are forever changed as people encounter a risen Lord. I am blessed to be part of it all. If you take the time to read through just a few of the reports from Tuesday and Wednesday, then I think you will understand why. Perhaps next year, your church would like to participate in Revive this Nation 2014.

Here are some of the updates from Tuesday and Wednesday night services:


  • Shredded a young couples divorce papers in the church office today as they agreed to forgive, love again & let Jesus bring healing. #rtn13
  • I am a flawed unworthy vessel proclaiming a flawless and worthy God. #rtn13
  • Ate lunch w/ awesome family headed to mission field. Tonight altar full of people praying. God is moving at Sand Spring.#rtn13
  • Ppl are visually affected by the Word. But reluctant to openly respond. Pray for the softening of their hearts. #RTN13
  • GLORY TO GOD…78 y/o Chairman of the Deacons and his wife came tonight to repent and rededicate their lives to Christ. Hallelujah
  • Great to b n the house of The Lord 2nite! The Spirit’s movin n Morganton. Lives r being changed and people r drawing close to Jesus! #RTN13
  • PTL Altar full tonight. I preached on biblical view of family. We cannot be the families we need to be until we all submit to Christ #RTN13
  • Had a great service tonight. Had a man come forward to confess that he has been away from God and wanted to come back to him #rtn13
  • Preached on boldness in witnessing tonight. One lady is going to witness to her husband of 45 years! Pray for her. #RTN13
  • Text message WV: 2 prayed to receive Christ tonight! 2 came requesting believers baptism & several more for repentance of sin! #rtn13
  • Prayed with a confessed alcoholic tonight. Knows he needs The Lord but isn’t willing to take the step yet. Please pray! #RTN13
  • Preached Exodus 32 on idolatry tonight in New Boston, a lot of tears all around. May God replace our foolish idols with Himself! #rtn13
  • text message from Mike Morris in AZ: one profession of faith last night. #rtn13


  • Martin came to Christ Sunday morning. Pastor & I just led his wife to the Lord! #rtn13
  • Fantastic final service tonight! God worked on many hearts about reaching the lost & whole church prayed for me afterwards. #blessed #rtn13
  • God saved 3 teenagers tonight in Weaver, AL! #rtn13
  • Great final night at Sand Spring in KY. People at altar crying out to God, one husband and wife reconciled. Lives changed. Priceless. #rtn13
  • Text message from Marissa IL: Great news Tonight we had a 10 year old girl accept Christ! #rtn13
  • Hugs and tears tonight. Christ worked through a lady pleading for healing between her and her abusive father #rtn13
  • No professions of faith, but Revival occurred-most especially in my heart. Coming back with certainty in Gods calling to preach! #rtn13
  • Had a great time @FBCOB this week. They have three new candidates for baptism, & two other new members. Lives blessed including mine! #rtn13
  • One salvation tonight in Poncha Springs, CO! Many encouraged and excited for the Lord. Praise the Lord! #RTN13
  • Text from Cameron WV: 2 more praying to receive Christ as savior! One of them a deacons daughter! Praise the Lord! #rtn13
  • There’s a new name written down in glory from Morganton tonight. Others revived & challenged to share the Gospel #RTN13 Oh the power of the Gospel!
  • We’re talking revival and dry bones coming to life! Saints revived and the lost saved! Answered prayers in Riley…Thank God!! #rtn13
  • I’m so grateful for the investment that FBC Junction has made in my life. Thank you. #RTN13
  • God has been so gracious to move mightily in FBC Wellston, OK this week. A husband & wife came to Christ, & many at altar to pray.
  • Bittersweet to be leaving this body of believers in Wellsburg, WV. God is doing great things here. Thank you for having me. #RTN13
  • text message from Mike Morris: two more professions of faith tonight. #rtn13

Thursday most of our Southwestern preachers will head home. Please pray for safety as they travel, and also pray that the Lord continues what He has started both in the hearts of the preachers and the churches who participated in Revive This Nation 2013.

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