Revive This Nation Update from Monday Night

rtn-web-logoHere is the latest from Monday night’s services.

  • Text message: evangelism for 3 hours, 45 mph winds.1 house gun drawn; bit by dog at another. Last house led Meth dealer to the Lord! #rtn13
  • Text message from WV: 3 more pray to receive Christ as Lord today. Many more prayed for lost by name! #rtn13
  •  Text message: High school girl in Kersey, PA professed Christ today. #PreachTheWord #ReachTheWorld #rtn13
  • Many confess sin publicly and ask God for deliverance and rescue! Believers freed up from anger bitterness self image & fear tonight #RTN13
  • Met 2 girls from China. 1 girl’s father is a gov’t official. Her faith in Christ will bring her grief. pray 4 her father 2 find Jesus #rtn13
  • Young man came forward confessing Christ and desiring baptism. One young lady joined the church. Saw many men praying w/ their wife! #rtn13
  • Two young ladies professed faith in Christ tonight. #RTN13
  • Altar filled tonight with people giving up anger in their hearts. One indicated she needed Christ but didn’t profess. Pray for her. #rtn13
  • Lady in tears tonight forgave her husband for a wrong. God takes bitter and makes it better when “I” get out of the way. #rtn13
  • Preached Matt 18:21-35 Unforgiving Servant. Had 1 man rip of record of wrong he kept in wallet for 4 years. God still Move. #rtn13
  • PTL…Love seeing men come to the altar to repent and choose to Stand Firm! #RTN13
  • Two rededications last night. Another joined the church. #rtn13
  • The Spirit of the Lord came. There were several rededications and two separate couples recommitted their lives to the Lord and to each other.
  • Revival has picked up! 15 to 25 to 40 last pm in snowstorm. Can’t wait 4 tonight. lights went out at end of sermon #rtn13
  • Nothing like #RTN13; Climbing into baptistry w dry clean only suit to baptize new sister in Christ. Isaiah 55:1-3

These are representative of what God is doing all over the nation. Please continue to pray the preachers and the church tonight and tomorrow night. Most importantly, pray that God will convict us of our sin and that our nation will repent and turn to Him whether that happens this week or after our preachers have returned home. Let’s all pray for God to Revive This Nation. For a complete list of preachers and churches click here.

Sunday’s report is listed here.


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  1. rhwoodman

    I saw your Tweet about needing to tell the next class about waders! 😀

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