Revive This Nation Reports

rtn-web-logoI have received reports from all across the country. Here is a sampling:

  • I can’t figure out the Twitter thing but Jesus showed up and one was saved one rededication.
  • 2 men came forward tonight. 1 confessing porn addiction another adultery.
  • Young girl named Hannah got saved tonight at Jackson Avenue Baptist Church in West Virginia. Love #RTN13
  • Six professions of faith tonight on the left coast! #RTN13
  • Pray for Tia and Keenan both 17. They chose to follow Jesus this morning! #RTN13
  • Holy Spirit fell in Fortuna, MO tonight! Several people reconciled to God and the name of Christ was glorified! #RTN13
  • 4-5 people came to the altar tonight to commit to do things God’s way and repent of doing things their way. Keep praying for us! #RTN13
  • God is awakening some dry bones here in Illinois! Privilege preaching and ministering to these people #RTN13
  • Young girl drove off only to return minutes later for baptism and membership. In tears over the churches’ acceptance. #RTN13
  • Was told 2nite that small group study is going right along with the messages Amazing how God works! #RTN13 excited to go out & visit 2morrow
  • Beast feast w/ venison BBQ, Blue Grass Band, plenty of people, & Gospel preacher. It’s go time! #PreachTheWord #rtn13
  • After service-“you’re hitting me where it hurts and I don’t like it, but I know its God talking so I’ll be back tomorrow”-Glory to God #rtn13
  • No professions made public this morning at Union Hope, but the altar was filled with God’s people praying for laborers and the lost #RTN13.
  • Spoke 3 times at Sand Spring BC in KY. Great church, great pastor, & staff. Several came forward & one made profession public! #rtn13
  • The suit has been lint rolled. Coffee has been downed. Notes have been reviewed. Full Windsor knot. Prayed up. Ready to preach! #RTN13
  • Baptized students this morning for the 4th week in a row& have more to come! Excited about what God is doing! #FBCOB #ThriveFBCOB #RTN13
  • Pray for my new friend Alvin. Still has neuropathy after 4 surgeries. Wife in tears over it this morning. Needs trust not bitterness #RTN13
  • Was thrilled to see several come to the altar this morning at FBC Junction to submit whatever they were holding back to Christ. #RTN13
  • Wow what a night! Praying over a student missionary, amazing music, & @tommykiker brought the Word and finally desserts! #REVIVAL #rtn13
  • 8in. of snow. Meeting with Bob Bray, director of missions in MN. Strategizing the best way to reach Rochester for Christ! #rtn13
  • Lots of liberty in preaching. Some moved to tears at the love of Christ this am. Several Mormons heard the true gospel this evening #RTN13
  • Praise the Lord! A gentleman named Martin gave his life to Christ this morning! #rtn13

There are many more, but you can see why I am so encouraged. Perhaps my favorite is this one.

“I got here safely and adequately prepared to face the weather…Sunday morning, awesome, one dedication and looking forward to evening.  This is the real America; everywhere is white not as snow but with snow (That’s real America for an African). The communication network platform for my phone (and some other ones) is bad here, no guarantees at every point. To God be the glory for everything.”

Please continue to pray for God to move in a mighty way. You can see the full list of preachers and church here. We have three more nights of services, and the effort to Revive This Nation must begin in each one of us. If believers in the churches encounter the risen Lord and live for Him, then we may truly see the spark that Revives This Nation.


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  1. Pray. One person on the verge of becoming a Christian in Phoenix,AL where Mike Morris, my husband is preaching.

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