Pray for Revive this Nation 2013

Today, in chapel, we will pray for 86 preachers going to 35 states all across the nation to preach revivals. Will you join me in praying for these men over the course of the next week? Some have never preached a sermon–in 4 days, they will preach their first 5.

Over the past 7 weeks, I have taught in the associated class anyone who has not had preaching class or wanted elective credit for a preaching minor. A total of 34 took the class–8 college students and 26 Masters students.

I love teaching all my classes, but this class is different. The students turn in 5 sermons to be reviewed and given back. My job as the teacher is to provide information in sermon preparation and delivery, to give a crash course in how to conduct revival meetings, and to get them as fired up as possible about preaching the Gospel with a compelling, non-manipulative invitation. I feel like a spiritual Drill Sergent ready to send the troops into combat.

This week is also the most stressful week for me all year long. We have an impossible assignment, and I have a lot of young guys standing in pulpits. They will learn a lot from seasoned pastors and bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to their assignment. Some will stumble and others will soar. I bear the burden with them all. And no matter how eloquently they speak, the depth of their preparation, or the passion in their heart, no human can bring revival. God alone does that. I want each preachers to do well, but I am more concerned about the eternal destinies of  the listeners. Would you pray for each preacher and each church listed below? Would you pray that God will give the preachers a clear, passionate presentation of the Gospel? Would you pray that the Spirit would draw sinners to salvation? Would you pray for God to Revive This Nation and for that revival to begin in each one of us?

If you want to follow along, you can with the hashtag #RTN13 on Twitter.



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