An Insiders Look at the New Southwestern Seminary Website

Have you ever watched a great movie or TV series a second time and realized that you missed carefully placed details of foreshadowing that made you appreciate the creators’ work even more? I know I have, and so today I thought I would give an insiders look at what I appreciate most about the new Southwestern Seminary website and a sneak peak of some soon coming features.

New Website front pageThe website has a much cleaner look. I am blessed to work with a team of great designers, coders, writers, videographers, and photographers. Working for an institution of higher education where information, accreditation, and words form the tools of the trade can sometimes overrun creativity like kudzu on a Carolina roadside. Our creative team, however, has done a fantastic job of cleaning up the look and navigation of the site while keeping the laundry list of links everyone expects. New Website Directory

We have carefully hidden the list of links under “site directory”  at the top.  The links appears with a scroll over. This satisfies the research driven academician wanting accessible information while keeping the front page clean and pleasant to the eye.

New Website Media ResourcesI am thrilled about our new Media Resources tool. We have not yet moved all of the media over but that will happen soon enough. This tool will allow someone to search by category, speaker, and media type. We will have a search feature incorporated soon so when preachers want to listen to a specific passage, they can find resources related to what interests them most. This tool will distribute free resources that many never knew existed. While helpful today, our Media Resources will only get better with time.

New Website Faculty pageWe have improved our new faculty pages. The new page has a shorter bio with the ability to download a current CV. It links to Twitter and Facebook and you can follow directly from the page. This page also pulls posts from our institutional blog, Theological Matters. The page automatically inserts audio and video content from each faculty member.  We have included more casual photos at the bottom with the expected institutional head shot at the top. In time, recent publications will be listed and linked with Amazon or other book distributors and current class schedule will post at the bottom right.

New Website Admissions pageFinally, I love the new Admissions landing page. We have simplified the flow of the page and added some student blogs to highlight all the activity occurring across our campus.

New Website called to ministryPerhaps my favorite new page discusses the call to ministry and how that fits into various degree options. You can find this page inside the Admissions portion of our website.

I could list much more, and perhaps I will in another post, but this will give you a small insiders look at some of the features of the new Southwestern Seminary website and where we plan to go in the future.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. We desire to make improvements continuously.


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One response to “An Insiders Look at the New Southwestern Seminary Website

  1. rhwoodman

    It looks like the team you have putting this together has put quite a bit of thought and care into the design. I expect it will be an outstanding, attractive design when it is finished and sent live to the world.

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