Thoughtful Christmas Gift for Co-Workers or the Person Who Needs Nothing

Every year, I struggle with what to buy for co-workers or people who seem to have everything. This year, I’ll be giving hope–Hope Coffee that is.

This gift helps provide water and shelter for families in Honduras through local churches. And the best news is that 100% of the net profit goes to missions. Their website shows where in 2011 they poured 12 floors, repaired 9 roofs, 6 water storage and cleaning units, and 1 home for a widow. If you want a gift that meets physical and spiritual needs, perhaps you should take a look at it as well.

I also think coffee works for just about everyone as a good gift. Either they drink coffee or need to store coffee at the house for visitors who do drink coffee. Pulling out the bag of Hope Coffee provides a bridge to discuss the Gospel and social ministry efforts in Honduras or as a reminder to pray for the workers in that area.

As to how the coffee tastes, well I am no expert. I have tried it and thought it tasted good, but at the end of the day, I really can’t tell the difference between medium or dark roast so I’ll leave the taste critique to the coffee connoisseurs.

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