Lessons from a Mathews Ultra 2

Last night I pulled out my Mathews Ultra 2…I know, I know, that’s really old technology on a bow. It’s from 2004, but it still will shoot better than one pulling the string back so I am still happy with it.

At any rate, my daughter and I like to shoot bow and arrow together so she grabbed her pink bow and pink arrows while I opened the case to see that my Mathews bow had a problem. Instead of its normal curved, this bow laid as flat as a preacher on the couch Sunday night. The string had broken and normal curve no longer existed. So today, I went to the shop to drop it off and get if fixed for hunting season.

On the way, I began thinking. My bow was broken and I didn’t even know it. I had neglected the bow since hunting season ended last year, and I put it away. That’s typical with me and my bow, and it’s probably why I am not that great with it. I’m sure there’s a lesson there too. The good news is that I can drop it off and someone can fix it in short order.

But that’s not okay when it comes to relationships and especially our relationship with Christ. How often do we neglect our parents, our wife, our children, or our prayer time or quiet time and then wake up one day to discover we have a broken relationship and didn’t even know it? Relationships with people, our church, and even God cannot be fixed nearly as easily, but I fear that too often they are neglected just as often.

Among many other lessons that I have learned from shooting a bow, today, God reminded me not to take for granted the important relationships in my life. Doing so may result in waking up one day to find that all you have is a worthless mess that needs a lot of work.

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