NAMB Evangelism Response Center Chat Button

Today I was notified by Beau Brewer about a new feature of the Evangelism Response Center operated by the North American Mission Board. All I had to do was copy the code and paste it into a widget for my sidebar. Within five minutes, I had a button to the right so that anyone who wants to know more about spiritual matters will have someone with whom they can speak. Sure, I love it when I get emails or Twitter messages, but this is just another way that a person can respond immediately to whatever God may be calling them to do.

This has encouraged me today in at least two ways. First, we have students at Southwestern Seminary looking for every possible way to get the Gospel to a lost world. Being notified of this button is just one example. We have training every Tuesday evening for people to answer phone calls for the Evangelism Response Center. Every week we have multiple students sending emails about someone else that they have led to the Lord. Professors have set times each week to go door to door with students in the area around the Seminary. Evangelism is the focus of our faculty, staff, and students. I am thrilled that we have such an evangelistic campus, and I am thankful to God for the opportunity to work with these students.

Second, I am excited that the North American Mission Board provides the Evangelism Response Center and this chat button. As I understand it, this was released just one week ago. I know that Kevin Ezell has had to make some tough choices and from my seat I might have made a few of those in different ways. However, currently serving in administration, I also know that outsiders looking in rarely have all the information that the people making the decisions have. I like Kevin Ezell, and more importantly, I think he wants to do what is right before the Lord. I am glad that he is making hard decisions to get NAMB where it needs to be, and I am thrilled about the continued efforts of the Evangelism Response Center. I think Dr. Ezell has a heart for the Gospel and for planting churches, which encourages me greatly.

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