Band of Brothers Week 4

Proverbs 7: The Battle with Lust

The Road to Hell is Paved with Desperate Housewives


  • To those who have committed sexual sins, my purpose is not to bring a sledgehammer of condemnation. Our Lord offers grace that is sufficient for any and all sins. What I want to do here is offer an ounce of prevention to keep you or others from bearing the scars of sinful folly.

1. Prevention: (Prov 7:1-5)

Thoughts from the Text:

  • In order to keep God’s words, you must know them. Read and study, but also obey.
  • The visual image is given to “treasure up” God’s commandments. We must memorize Scripture.
  • The apply of the eye 7:2 is the pupil or dark part of the eye where you see the reflection of what you are staring at; same word is used for the “dark of the night” in 7:9.
  • We should set up reminders of God’s law in our lives…not tefillin or phylacteries but reminders

Application to your life:

  • What do you “treasure up?” baseball cards; guns; money; time with family
  • What is the “apple of your eye?” Where the eyes go the body follows so what are you looking at?
  • The eye is one of the weak point so what are doing to protect it? Even a speck can be dangerous.
  • What are the reminders of God’s law that you have established in your life?

2. The illustration: (Prov 7:6-23)

Thoughts from the Text:

  • “Young men” (lit. “sons”) is one who “lacked sense” identical to Proverbs 6:32 “He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.
  • The young man is at the wrong place (near her corner) at the wrong time (near twilight).
  • This woman’s dress indicates the craftiness of her heart. She goes all over town and lies in wait.
  • Like woman folly she is noisy (7:11; 9:13) Her feet never stay at home. They rush to evil (6:18).
  • Three enticements follow: the delicacy of meat (7:14); pleasure of love (7:16-17); and security (7:19-20). She also uses smooth words, and seductive dress. The trap has been fully set.
  • A man in the heat of passion never thinks of the consequences so resist from the beginning.

Application to your life:

  • Do you hang out in the wrong places or entertain temptation at the wrong time?
  • What is your weakness? Sight, food, pride, lust? What are doing to safeguard that weakness?
  • Her bedroom is no ballroom, but a battlefield where fallen bodies of soldiers rot in the stench of their own sin.
  • Illustration: Ever been on a duck hunt? Does this trap sound familiar? Don’t let sin deceive you like the decoys deceive the ducks.

3. The Warning: (Prov 7:24-27)

Thoughts from the Text:

  • The plural “sons” now comes in. Listen and be attentive. The wisdom of Solomon and the words of God our Father come to all of us.
  • Do not let your heart or your passions drive your actions by turning aside to sin.
  • This is the path to destruction. The promise of happiness is an empty promise.
  • Many men of valor in battle have been taken down by a wily woman.

Application to your life:

  • Do you notice sin arising in you? Do you immediately go to Scripture at that point?
  • Do advertisements appeal to you or do you recognize them for what they are?
  • Illustration: Barry Bonds homerun ball will always have an asterisks. Will your life have an asterisks?.

Principles to Remember

1.     Treasure the Word of God above all.

2.     Avoid being alone more than is healthy. When you struggle, do not be alone–find a brother.

3.     Avoid placing yourself in locations where temptation is stronger. Internet, bars, clubs,

4.     If you are married, never be alone with a person of the opposite sex other than your spouse—lunch, car ride, closed room, etc.

5.     Make sure someone, especially your spouse, has the passwords to your email, Facebook, and other online accounts. Remember God sees all.

6.     When courting, set your boundaries and do not cross them. If you can’t demonstrate will power to remain godly in courtship, then your spouse will rightly doubt that you have the will power to be faithful in marriage.

7.     Be careful who you carry on personal conversations with.

a.     Singles do not date a non-Christian. You may think you can change him or her, but you can’t change them…only God can.
b.     Do not date, court, or spend excessive amounts of time with a person that is not your spiritual equal.
c.     Do not carry on conversations with past girlfriends on Facebook or anywhere else that your spouse doesn’t know about it. In fact, I cut the Facebook chat off on my account. Have Facebook messages sent to your email that your wife has the password to.
d.     When you get married, you should not have close friends of the opposite sex. Break those relationships off. Your spouse should be your best friend.
e.     Don’t counsel someone of the opposite sex, talk about intimate matters or have a conversation with a person of the opposite sex about which your spouse does not know.

8.     Your dress says a lot about the condition of your heart. (for your daughters or granddaughters)

a.     Does your dress indicate you are bearing your brother’s burdens or being a stumbling block.
b.     If you pick clothing that draws attention to your body and away from your face, you are directing guys to the wrong enticement and one that fades with age so what will keep him around then?

9.     Remember one day you won’t be the youth in the street, but you will be the parent in the window.

a.     How you treat someone else’s daughter may be how yours is treated.
b.     Your kids will ask if this is how you did it. So act the way you want your son or daughter to act.

10.  Wear you wedding ring. This is the equivalent of binding God’s commands around your finger. If you can’t wear it at work, then put it in the car and put it on then.

11.  Protect the apple of your eye. When you see something tempting or inappropriate do you linger or do you quickly look away? Commercials, billboards, etc.

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