Winter Weather Puts the Skids on Inappropriate Behavior at Super Bowl

Last week our students gathered and prayed for the estimated 11,000 minors that would be brought in for sex trafficking during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl in Arlington, TX.  I was thrilled to see our students gather and discuss what could be done and touched as those students prayed that God would intervene to protect these girls. Then yesterday a student sent me a message on Facebook asking if I thought that all of the snow and ice was God’s answer to our prayers. Now I certainly can’t claim to know the mind of God, and I am not foolish enough to think that every girl has been protected, but I do find it interesting that after a few weeks of prayer, an unprecedented ice and snow storm hits Dallas/Fort Worth at just the right time.

Think about it. The last thing you want to do with ice and snow is be out after dark on icy roads with on-ramps that make Evil Kenevil salivate. Not to mention that the Dallas-Fort Worth area has few snow plows, amateur bad weather drivers, and puts sand instead of salt on the roads. While I am sure the treacherous conditions have unfortunately resulted in a few wrecks and some were injured from falling ice off of Jerry’s big house, I am thankful that perhaps the winter weather put the skids on most of the inappropriate behavior that accompanies this event.

If you read the report from by Bill Simmons at ESPN, then perhaps Dallas/Fort Worth has set an example more for what didn’t happen than what did.

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