Revive this Nation

Yesterday, Monday January 24th, marked the first class for our Spring Revival Evangelism Program called “Revive this Nation.” I have never been as nervous in the classroom. The potential impact of this class on our nation and the responsibility of guiding many students who have never preached a sermon in preparation for their first five sermons weighed heavy on me.

The class began with Dan Crawford, a long time professor at Southwestern and former director of the program, providing the history of the revivals. It began over 50 years ago when a group of students gathered for prayer in the basement of a local church to pray for revival. Those students didn’t have a spring break, but they determined to miss a week of classes to drive together to Ohio at their own expense to hold a revival meetings.

We don’t know much about that first group of preachers, and it should be that way. After all, preaching should focus on Jesus Christ and not the preacher anyway.

Dr. Crawford began this class just as the program began–with prayer. The entire class packed full of students to the point that we brought in metal chairs got down on their knees before the Lord asking him to send revival to our nation. I have to admit as the class continued the students amazed me with their answers, their passion, and their excitement to preach the Word and reach the world.

Let me ask you to pray for us and with us. Please pray that God will use this weak vessel to equip these students in the classroom with whatever knowledge they need. Pray that God will protect every preacher, give him the message he needs, and the freedom to deliver it with passion. Pray that every church will experience a revival and Christ will awaken the lost to follow Him.

At the end of the class, I still felt just as nervous as I did at the beginning. Perhaps that’s a good thing because no human can bring revival without the power of the Holy Spirit. Only God can change lives and Revive this Nation. Pray with me that God would do something so big that only He gets the glory for it.


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