Abortion: A Violation of our Constitution

Many things happen within the walls of congress that I do not support, but occasions do arise when elected officials stand to do the right thing. I commend Rep. James Lankford for standing to do the right thing. I do not know all of his positions or his life story, but on the issue of abortion violating the self-evident right to life granted by our constitution and our creator, he is on the money.

In my lifetime, our nation has murdered over 50 million babies. I do not see how almighty God can bless a nation that uses words to remove the personhood of babies to justify killing them. We have fought wars against others who did a very similar thing…the only difference is the people they killed were a little older.

We need to repent of our national sins and ask for forgiveness and mercy of God on our nation!


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  1. Rep. Lankford is the real deal. He left his job at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma to run for congress. While at the BGCO, he was the program director for Falls Creek, where he did an amazing job putting together great summer camps for around 50,000 students every summer. If you thought this speech was good (and it certainly was), you ought to hear him preach…

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