Ten Things I Believe: Number 8: Godly Men Being Men

men’s magazineI recently received an email from a friend with the clip to the right. Of course the picture is meant to be a joke; however, I am afraid that this magazine fits more men than we would like to admit. In an age where television and society glorifies the metro-sexual and the homosexual more than the Christian man, we need a generation of godly men, real men, ready for spiritual warfare to fight the good fight and keep the faith. More often what we see is two types of failure with male leadership. 

Beginning in Genesis we see the tendency for men to fail in two different ways. The first way men failed to lead was through passivity and abandonment of duty. Adam simply didn’t fulfill his God given role of leading as he should. Thus, we read in Gen 3:6, “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate.” 

The commandment which God had given to Adam earlier was not properly communicated or not properly received by Eve. She added to the commandment that one “should not even touch the fruit.” Thus Adam failed in properly teaching the commandment. The case reached its extreme with the verse previously mentioned where Adam sat idly by and allowed the serpent to deceive Eve. (See 1 Tim 2:13-14) Adam should have stepped in and stopped Eve, but he did not do so. The first example of poor leadership is the one characterized by the magazine to the right—the passive, idle husband who does not lead because he does nothing. A wimp who does not wear the pants in his family, who does not desire to lead, and who does not understand the Spiritual battle that he loses do to apathy. This I believe is primarily the sin of our modern culture. While Eve may have been deceived, Adam knew the wrong involved and voluntarily chose to follow Eve’s lead rather than following what God had said. In the end they both placed personal desires above God.   

In past generations, the tendency existed for men to rule harshly. Men failed to love their wives as Christ loved the church, but you never questioned who wore the pants in the family. This tendency to rule can also be seen as part of the curse of the fall. Gen 3:16 states, “Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you.” This portion of Scripture demonstrates both the tendency of tyrannical headship and the rebellion of improper submission.  

The proper example of men being men can be seen with groups like Hellfighter Ministries or with men like Paige Patterson. Men do not need to be wimps in order to be godly Christians. In fact, I firmly believe that we have enough wimps already and that God is looking for some real men sold out to changing this earth for Him no matter what the personal cost may be. It’s time that men put back on the pants, and demonstrate godly, proper leadership in the home and in the church. This fall I will be delivering a paper on the subject of proper male leadership this fall at a conference on the campus of Southwestern Seminary. This conference will discuss many aspects of the family. You can find more information on that event here. Without godly men leading our homes we will never have homes as God designed them. Without godly men leading our churches, we will never have churches as God meant them to be. This is why I believe in godly men being men.



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11 responses to “Ten Things I Believe: Number 8: Godly Men Being Men

  1. praisegodbarebones

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Now it is official—Joy obviously does not know about Thomas’s blog. 🙂

  2. Bart.

    Very funny… but if you think this one is going to get me in trouble, just wait until the next one. Number 7 is biblical roles for women.

  3. Charlie Wallace

    Great post. Looking forward to no. 7as well. My wife (who also has an M.Div in WS from SE) are both in your corner on this issue.

  4. Dr. White,

    What kind of man events are we going to have during the conference? Will there be a rodeo in town? Will the Cowboys be playing? I need something to get my men to go with me. Help!

    Seriously, I look forward to this conference. I pray God’s blessings on it and that you will survive the posts long enough to deliver the papers.


  5. cbscott

    I agree with this post in full. I would, if I may, like to say you have never revealed any whimp symptoms during the years I have been associated with you. You have always been a very modest “tough guy.”


  6. Dr. White,

    I believe, if we work hard to continue presenting the truth in light of the Scripture, we can lead Brother CB back from the “dark” side. He truly seems to be able to see truth and he certainly seems to be led by the Spirit of Truth. I personally know him to be a man of integrity and trustworthiness. What say you “Luke Skywalker” (Dr. White) can you and the “Fair Princes” (Joy) bring him back? The force is strong.



  7. Charlie, thanks for the comment.

    Tim, there is a rodeo in town every Friday night in Fort Worth. If that doesn’t draw them then maybe the Cowboys are in town. If you decide to bring some people down, I’ll do whatever I can to make it worth their while. If they can’t come, then we’ll publish the papers either in a book or on the internet.

    CB, thanks for the comment and compliment.

    Tim, that’s a very entertaining comment. Just to humor the concept, I never really considered CB on “any side.” Although he and I might disagree on some things, I believe CB does what he thinks is right no matter whose side that happens to fall on. Unfortunately, I don’t know Star Wars well enough to pick a character that correllates, but thanks for the interesting thought and the encouragment to CB.

    I appreciate the fact that would compare me to Luke Skywalker, but isn’t the “Fair Princess” his sister? Again perhaps my ignorance of Star Wars shows through…nevertheless I do appreciate the thought. As I sit in Florida on vacation, I am thinking of renting one of the trilogies just to brush up.

    God bless.


  8. Dr. White,

    You may be right. I do not know enough about it either. That is the reason I picked the main characters from the first Star Wars. It did play a love interest on the part of Luke Skywalker and the “Fair Princes”. I use “Fair Princes” because I know her name but do not know how to spell it.

    Also, I concede to your description of Brother CB and sides. He does do what he believes to be right. That is why I hold him in such high regard.

    Enjoy your vacation!


  9. Charlie Wallace

    I believe the “fair princess'” name is Leia…

  10. cbscott


    Brother CB and sides??

    Does this now mean I am a main course at KFC?

    If so make them slaw and baked beans.:-)


  11. millerscreek

    Great blog son, I am proud of your willingness to take a stand for what the scriptures teach is right. Keep up the good work.

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