The Home is Under Attack

I am extremely blessed. I have a wife who has a BA degree from the University of Florida; a Master of Divinity Degree with languages and a concentration in Women’s Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is currently in the final stages of her PhD in Systematic Theology with plans to write a dissertation on some aspect of Women’s Studies. She possesses more education than most men or women and yet she has scriptural convictions to make the home her priority. She truly understands the importance of child rearing and homemaking.

She recently wrote an article for her blog on the subject that demonstrates the importance of the home. In this world of two income families, never ending desires for more material possessions, and the lack of understanding concerning the importance of children, her article certainly merits consideration. You can find the article here.

In a society seemingly committed to ridiculing women who make the home a priority, and a society who thinks all homemakers are uneducated, I am extremely proud of my beloved who has educated herself to fullest possible extent while maintaining the proper biblical committment to the home.

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