Ten Things I Believe: Number 10: Adoption

korea-gotcha-day-037.jpgI believe in the adoption of unwanted children. I recently read an article on CNN.com titled “Gay Adoption: A New Take on the American Family.” My heart broke as I realized two truths. First, the gay community may be more active in adoption than the Baptist community. The story says that 65,000 adopted children are being raised by same-sex parents in America. In addition, “more than 14,100 foster children were living with one or more gay or lesbian foster parent.” I believe that Baptists should continue to encourage women not to abort babies, but as a necessary corollary, we must willingly adopt children resulting from unwanted pregnancy. I believe Baptists must willingly provide foster homes for children who need them. 

I also realized that we will soon have a generation who does not understand family in the same way I do. The idea of one mother and one father demonstrating proper roles in a godly home seems to be vanishing. We must recognize that modeling, teaching, and preaching on the proper home life will be increasingly important as the fabric of the godly family continues to unravel. I pray for those children reared in homes where the Bible is never read, where prayer only occurs at the dinner table (if even then), and where mommy or daddy is absent. I pray for those children who never experience the joy of family devotions; those children who never sing “This Little Light of Mine” or the “B-I-B-L-E.” I pray for our churches and our nation as the increasing practices of abortion and homosexuality affect the ministry to the next generation. Although individually we cannot cure the ills of our society, a commitment to adoption by the Baptist community would help show the light of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying generation. I also believe a commitment to adoption is biblical.

The theological principle of adoption became clearer to me the day the adoption of my daughter was finalized. (You can read the story of how God provided here.)The judge made sure I understood one point. He asked me, “Do you realize that after today she is yours until she turns 18?” “Do you realize that you cannot give her up? This is final.” My response was, “Yes, isn’t that the idea of adoption?” He responded that he just wanted to make sure I understood. This experience has given me a clearer understanding of what it means to be adopted by God through Jesus Christ. When I look at my little girl and feel the love rush through my heart, I can’t help but be broken at how much God loves you and me. 

When I think of how God sent Jesus Christ to die for my sin while I was yet a sinner so that I might be adopted as a son by the creator of the universe, I can’t help but be for adoption. I hope you too will consider adoption or providing a foster home for unwanted children.


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6 responses to “Ten Things I Believe: Number 10: Adoption

  1. Charlie Wallace

    What a wonderful post. Your blog is a much needed and much appreciated addition to the blogosphere.

  2. cbscott

    This is certainly something we all should agree upon as followers of Christ. I read the same article. My heart was greatly burdened. I spent a great deal of yesterday meeting with people about children. I have another meeting this evening with an attorney representing foster children.

    There are so many children that need homes where they are safe and can learn of the grace and love of Jesus. It is my prayer that the “tribe” of families like yours that can do what you are doing greatly increases.

    God’s richest blessings on your home.


  3. millerscreek

    This was certainly the hand of God. I am convinced God is willing when His children get willing. Great post. drj

  4. praisegodbarebones

    In my opinion, as good as the text of your article was, the picture is far more eloquent.

  5. Thank you all for your positive comments. Bart, you are right, that picture is priceless. The necklace and bracelet were the presents I brought home to my little girl from a recent mission trip to Korea. The cost of the jewelry was minimal, but the size of the smile was priceless.

  6. joyfulliving

    You have such a cute daughter, LOL. 🙂

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